I have to face it, though I’m excited for the new Zelda game I am lowkey hoping that there are some amazing surprises in it and would be disappointed if I didn’t see them. No, not many people would agree with what I think, and, no, the world does not revolve around me, but at this moment I sure as hell wish it did.

Here are ten things I hope to the Goddesses Nintendo features in Breath of the Wild.

  1. Robin Williams (who named his daughter Zelda after the game) and Christina Grimmie (who’s username on Youtube was famously known as zeldaxlove64) should be portrayed as characters. These two giant Zelda fans passed away before they could experience the wonder that is this new games. Countless people have signed petitions asking Nintendo if they could pay tribute to these two favorite gamers by naming characters after them. Though Nintendo declined, I still hope from the bottom of the heart that they did so anyway.(And characters named Robin and Grimmie I think would be incredibly adorable, especially if they were partner characters. How could you not agree?)
  2. That the dungeons aren’t just one room puzzles like most games have become in the 2010’s. (i.e. the new Tomb Raider. Though I loved this game dearly, the tombs featured in the 2013 game were simple and not at all like the ones in previous Tomb Raider: Legend.) I am a large fan of intricate puzzles and will be incredibly disappointed if Nintendo resorted to better graphics vs quality content.
  3. That my favorite characters from Zelda’s past are alluded to or portrayed… or actually exist in this game (i.e. Kafei, Tingle, and Sheik). I miss the repeating characters of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and would love to see that come back. Similar things were done in Wind Waker that characters either had similar names or the sages from Ocarina of Time were shown.
  4. That the story isn’t lost within the open world. I hope that even though you can go in any direction, you won’t miss important parts. The story telling aspect of Zelda is very important to me and having such an open world where you can fight the boss from the very get go worries me. Being able to work up to the battle is something I enjoy. I would hate to spoil the game for myself because I accidentally walked into the boss room.
  5. That instruments and music play a large part in the game. I would love to see teleporting with certain songs come back. That disappeared with Twilight Princess’s Midna being able to teleport you with her own powers. Then in Skyward Sword, the closest we got to teleporting was being able to choose what area to fall into with Fi when reaching one light beam of the Surface Region.
  6. Some sort of connection between the Four Gods of Majora’s Mask and the three Goddesses of most Zelda lore. Since this game seems to tie many features of most Zelda games, I want to see either more elaboration about how this came to be, or a look at more beliefs from other races in the Legend of Zelda.
  7. That cats come into this game since we have already seen a dog (i.e. Twilight Princess). I love cats so of course I would want this.
  8. That an actual Epona exists in game besides hundreds of horses. (I didn’t like that we could name her something else in Twilight Princess and I missed her when Skyward Sword featured Loftwings instead).
  9. That every time the game starts, we aren’t reminded with an item screen how much a certain colored rupee is worth or what an item is (i.e. Skyward Sword). This is tiring, especially when you are replaying the game for a third time and already have the game memorized inside and out.
  10. THAT THERE ARE NO SILENT REALMS. THANKS. (Looking at you Skyward Sword).

Do you agree with any of these hopes? Or am I asking too much of Nintendo? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!