Being active on Social Media now has really big problems for gamers like me who can’t afford to buy new consoles and games the moment they are available for purchase. I’m constantly reminded that I am missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild was just released on March 3 and my subscription box is full of streams and let’s plays from all the Youtubers I follow and watch on a daily basis. I can’t watch a single one of their videos and I want to die.

Being such a big fan of the Legend of Zelda, I have already had countless dreams of this new game. It’s torture. My boyfriend who had never played Zelda until he met me already has Breath of the Wild in his possession. This fact in itself has me considering jumping off a bridge every single day. He does not own the Switch, however, and that is comforting to me.

I know what you’re thinking: “Well, why don’t you just buy the game? You own a Wii U already! What’s the problem?” The problem is I have an addiction. I need every single console Nintendo has made in my lifetime. Not being able to afford the Nintendo Switch has me seriously (not seriously) considering making a gofundme page because I am that pitiful when it comes to Nintendo products. Goddesses, I still have college bills that I need to pay, but right now the Legend of Zelda seems much more important to me (not to mention the fact that I am also going to Pax East as well as Anime Boston this month and Cosplay making has taken over my life. March is a doozy for me.)

I think it’s sad that I’m even writing an article like this one. But how can I help myself when I know that probably the greatest game that has ever existed (Many game review websites have already given this game 10 out of 10) is out, I still do not own it, and I claim to be one of the biggest Legend of Zelda fans out there? I am a disgrace. Fans of the game are already calling it the best game that has ever existed and I haven’t had one milisecond of game play…
I can’t say that this is the worst thing that I’ve ever been through, but I can say it’s pretty close.

And the fact that I have a blog like this one and a youtube channel based on Zelda makes it worse for me because I know that there are so many articles that I could be writing and videos I could be editing, but I am completely missing the opportunity by not owning the game. I have to avoid certain social media like Tumblr, Snapchat, and sometimes even Instagram because this game is being posted so often. I have said before that I am the type of person that will avoid spoilers like the plague because I want to experience the game with no knowledge of it. Already I have seen swords and outfits posted on Instagram and Snapchat that I hadn’t known existed and again I want to jump off a bridge.

With all of that being said, please do not comment on this article nor any of my social media spoilers about this game. I would love to hear about your thoughts on it though!

To avoid all of my inner turmoil, I will be throwing myself into the conventions I have coming up in the following weeks. With BotW hype, I am so excited to experience the atmosphere of PAX East. I plan to cosplay a surprise character, but don’t know if it will be completed by then. If not then it will be presented at Anime Boston a few weeks later! I will be posting pictures and updating frequently all of my other social media during this time. Once I am able to afford Breath of the Wild, there will be hundreds of videos and articles coming your way on that! 😀

Was there ever a game that had the worst release timing and you couldn’t own it the moment every one else did? Please share my suffering in the comments below.