Since Cosplay season around my local area is around the corner, I felt like I owed it to some of my favorites to recognize them and share them with you guys!

Disclaimer: No pictures are being featured unless I own them. I do not want to take their images without their permission. With that being said, the links to the specific cosplays or profiles I am writing about are featured with each name. Thank you for understanding.

  1. Sabinam

Her Ashei cosplay astounded me. Though she hasn’t been very active on her facebook page, her Ashei manages to beat out all the rest.


  1. Amouranth

Kaitlyn’s Twilight Princess costume was what brought her to my attention. Her portrayal of Link was incredibly spot on. Those eyebrows though!


  1. Destiny Nickelson

I had the pleasure of taking a picture with Destiny Nickelson in her Hilda cosplay before I even knew how big of a cosplayer she was. Her rendition of Hilda was gorgeous!

Anime Boston 2014 || Myself with Destiny Nickelson and Casey Anne Cosplay


  1. EssikaJ

The first cosplay she had ever made was Dark Link and she is finally retiring it. The cosplay that caught my eye was the bunny suit rendition of young link wearing the bunny hood. That costume made me want to make a bunny hood myself.


  1. Ariel, Zoe, and Eli

They are super LOZ fans and often make videos wearing cosplay as they play LOZ music. Both girls switch off wearings their Link and Sheik cosplays and its awesome to see what they’re up to next!


  1. Kikikabuki

Nikki, also know as Kiki, has been cosplaying as Zora tunic Link for years and has recently made a phenomenal Breath of the Wild Link cosplay.


  1. ZeroFox Cosplay

Her Medli and Sheik costumes are absolutely amazing. She always seems to be working on a new cosplay behind the scenes. The most recent Zelda cosplay was that of a Zora from Breath of the Wild.


  1. Mistyy Cosplay

This skilled cosplayer has made multiple Zelda cosplays and completely works them all! Her ability to portray Saria one moment and Malon the next astounds me!


  1. Adella Cosplay

I first noticed her Malon cosplay as she stood beside Link in a picture, teasing the release of a Legend of Zelda themed trailer. She continues to be a favorite.


  1. Mabel from AcousticTrench

WHAT A CUTE DOG. Fashionable AND talented. She deserves to take home the golden fairy.


Bonus: ME

This is silly, but I thought it would be fun to add.

I first cosplayed as Link on Halloween 2012, closet cosplayed as Midna Halloween 2013, and tested makeup for Impa and Nabooru 2014. I’ve only ever worn my Zelda Fan cosplay to a con, but this year I will be debuting a new Zelda cosplay I made myself at Anime Boston. Keep an eye out on my Youtube channel for videos and instagram for pictures on that!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.20.16 PM.png
Pax East 2017 || Myself with an Unknown Sheik

Are there any cosplayers that you think I missed? Do any of these seem out of order and you want to rank them for yourselves? Let me know in the comments below!