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March 2016

Dampé, the Quasimodo of The Legend of Zelda Series?

Nintendo’s game creators are not afraid to reference works of Literature and Philosophy within their work. Think back to Skyward Sword in the Ancient Cistern, Link must climb the thread to escape the grasps of the zombie moblins around him.... Continue Reading →

Understanding Time: A Look at the Repeating Cycle of Majora’s Mask

There is something strange about being able to keep all weapons and items acquired in a three-day sequence that never quite existed. Not counting his Ocarina, or Sword and Shield, Link has gained approximately 54 items that should not be... Continue Reading →

Sheik and Kafei: Connected?

Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask share countless characters in common. I wrote a theory about this being because Link is in a dream and you can find that here. However, in this case I want to explore a different... Continue Reading →

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