Being that it is Valentine’s Day today, I realized that there was a main component in many Zelda games that I hope to the Goddesses will be featured in the upcoming game. Hearts are frequent symbols in the Legend of Zelda and have been since the very beginning.

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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Take Love

Of course, in the beginning, hearts are only featured to increase Link’s life span, but as the story grows, so does its meaning.

In Adventure of Link, a woman in red stands outside her home waiting to help wounded heroes. She then takes them inside, aids them, and they come out with full health once again. There’s much speculation about what happens inside her home when Link enters, but we can say that out of kindness and love, she is able to restore him.

“Please let me help you. Come inside?”- Adventure of Link

My, and I’m sure everyone else’s, favorite love story of all is Kafei and Anju’s from Majora’s Mask. Kafei seems to go through hell and back as he finishes his wedding mask just in time for their ceremony and is then cursed and stolen from. Kafei had no problem returning to Anju as a child had he not been stolen from. However, because his proof of love and commitment was gone, he didn’t feel worthy enough to appear before her. He left her waiting as he tried all his might, by himself to get his mask back. Kafei showed Link through all of his mission that he fully loved Anju, though Link would never be able to understand how much.

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Kafei and Anju: Love that beats All Odds

(If he had told Anju what had happened in the first place,  I believe she could have helped him steal it back. As a matter of fact, Kafei would never have been able to get the mask by himself. If Anju had gone with him then she would have been able to stand on the switch and help him on his race to catch it. Be open with your partners, fairies haha!)

Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword prove to be an adorable show of love and friendship throughout the whole game as we watch Link and Zelda find each other all over again through time. Though their love is platonic, I believe that this is the very best kind. It teaches a wonderful lessons to people young an old about the importance and benefits of friendship.

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My favorite, silly instance of love, is Twilight Princess when Link beats the STAR mini game. When he heads outside of the tent, the three girls that watched his whole performance, who strangely appear similar to the three goddesses, shower him in hearts and become his number one fans.

The Goddesses have Blessed Link with Hearts 🙂

From the main game of the franchise, all the way to the latest, love has been the key message. With this, I hope that Breath of the Wild will feature similar messages in its story. Though I never want the story between Zelda and Link to end up like the TV show where Link constantly vies for her love.

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Well, excuuuuse me, Princess!

I sincerely look forward to watching relationships old and new, romantic and not unfold in the Breath of the Wild.

Happy Valentines Day, fairies!