When visiting Gerudo Valley, I discovered something interesting after receiving permission to walk freely amongst their grounds. I headed up the ladder leading to the gate to Haunted Wasteland and spoke to the guard there. She informed me that the only way I could get to Nabooru’s headquarters was if I had “eyes that could see the truth” so I could find the Phantom Guide.

The Eyes of Truth will find the Guide

The only way to find the Phantom Guide is with the Lens of Truth. That would mean that Ganon, Nabooru, and Sheik would all need to either have their own Lens of Truth or have the ability to see the truth naturally.

I believe this characteristic comes from the Sheikah, so does that mean that Ganon and Nabooru are of Sheikah descent? Let’s explore this.

It is known that the Gerudo rarely birth men amongst their race and the one that IS born after decades automatically becomes king. Because women mostly populate this race, the Gerudo visit Hyrule town to… continue their lineage. With that being said, perhaps Ganon and Nabooru’s mothers, the closest of friends (maybe cousins?) instead went to Kakariko Village and met Sheikah men. There aren’t many men known in the Sheikah history. The only one’s mentioned are “the man who could see the truth” (who I believe is Bongo Bongo) and also the cursed Rich Family of the Skulltula house. The Cursed Family could be the descendants and therefore, half relatives of Ganon, giving him the ability to be part Sheikah.

It is probable that during that time centuries ago there were large amounts of prejudice. The Hylians were a more neutral race that the Gerudo could bear children with, but the Sheikah were different with their red eyes and magic. The Gerudo and Sheikah have differing cultures and this created a barrier between the two.

During one of the Gerudo trips to town, the two mothers may have escaped to Kakariko village to find mates. They were not interested in the Hylians as so many of their relatives were and wanted to broaden the bloodline. Maybe they had heard about a wealthy family of men and, Gerudo being mostly thieves, they sought them out.

A younger but still elderly Twinrova may have noticed that two were missing.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.49.58 PM.png
They’ve lived for Centuries

Once the sisters found them with these men, they screamed insults at the men for causing these Gerudo women to become impure. With prejudice engraved in the back of their minds, they cursed the family causing the family lineage to forever become Skulltulas. From generation to generation, they were cursed and to never leave their home. Twinrova and those who obeyed them scattered the golden tokens that bound the family across Hyrule and in Temples/Dungeons so that no one would ever find them. The only person who could ever break the curse then would have to be someone who would be able to access the temples

The mothers of Ganon and Nabooru would have been cast away, banished for their acts against the clan after their children were born. Twinrova would then take the children in, raising them as their own and notice the great power within them. They’re eyes, though yellow like that of the Gerudo, have red outlines around their iris’s proving their difference.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.44.11 PM.png
Yellow Eyes Tinged with Red

Since Ganon was the only male, he was set to be king, but because of Nabooru’s talent, she was placed as his right hand. Twinrova could feel the power that surged through Ganon and knew he was meant for greatness. As the years passed he was able to give his surrogate mother’s that same power and together they were able to take over Hyrule… until the Hero of Time arrived.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 6.10.34 PM.png
His Evil, Truth Seeing Eyes

Do you think Ganon is part Sheikah? What are you theories? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or contact me on any of my social media.