All throughout Majora’s Mask, we meet characters who have passed on but stay in Termina because they have unfinished work that needs to be done. Their regret can be felt all throughout the land. Snow blows over Goron Village as Darmani travels searching for someone who can carry out his quest. The waters turn murky and treacherous as Mikau floats waiting for his death, praying that someone would be able to help the one he loves. Ikana rots as the spirits of its soldiers roam the land praying for their missions to finally end.

Often times in life, we find ourselves unable to move forward because of the past we once knew. We endlessly circle around what went wrong and what could have been done differently that could have saved us from this turmoil. Our regrets consume us and dampen the land before; we are unable to appreciate what we have now, knowing what we had back then.

I often miss my unconditional happiness and peace of mind. For years I lived in a state of ignorant bliss that was completely comfortable. Now, my life has changed and I find that I crave the world I once knew. But it’s difficult for me to see the faults in that world now. My ignorance, though appreciated left me able to constantly be victimized. My happiness, though vibrant, was often overshadowed by meaningless insecurities. Not everything was perfect back then but it seems much more simple than my life now and I regret it. I regret that I changed.

Instead of accepting the world as it is, we crave what once was and want nothing less than what seemed like perfection. It’s difficult to see what we have now when shrouded in all this remorse. My life, though complex, is much better now. I have genuine people in my life who care about me and are willing to take extra steps to help me get through this dark time. Though I regret past choices, I learned good lessons that I’ll be able to carry with me for the rest of my life, no matter how much I despise it. It’s useful. My pain was useful though utterly terrible.

Living with no regrets is difficult to do, but accepting what one cannot change is the first step.

Darmani accepted Link’s assistance and was able to move on knowing that he no longer had to worry. Link would take over and carry out the duties Darmani once held so dear to him. With peace of mind, he is able to let go, releasing himself of worry and giving his spirit over to Link to aid him in their quest.

Mikau was aware that he was about to die, but he was ready to keep going no matter how injured. He had to protect Lulu and her eggs as he had promised. It’s impossible to keep every single promise. Life has a way of making you break them without you ever wanting to. But it’ll be all right. Mikau relinquished his duties to Link and was able to pass on knowing that things would get better for those who were still alive.

Ikana, though very much past its prime, can finally rest. All the beings on this land crave that mighty kingdom they once had before it fell leaving behind waste and death. They regret being unable to protect the kingdom back then and now as Majora wreaks havoc across the land. With Link as a newfound soldier, they are able to finally rest knowing that the fallen kingdom would be disturbed no more.

We can’t always rely on another person to end our suffering. Doing so would result in large expectations and more possibilities of broken promises should they fail. Though all of Termina relied on Link to aid them, it was their job to allow him to help. Letting him into their lives and letting down all barriers created a conversation that lead to their land’s salvation.

Regrets happen, they do, and it’s impossible to live your life avoiding them. A life without mistakes is not a life at all. It’s all right to be afraid of moving forward, but it is important to remember that it must be done anyway. I’ve learned this the hard way. Many times I have wanted to be done with my grief but knew that the only way around it was to go through it. It’s difficult and ongoing but I’m getting the help I need. I have many heroes on my side that can help carry the weight when I can’t anymore. I would have never known my strength, nor theirs had I not changed. And for that, I am grateful.