Nintendo released the trailer for the NX, now known as the Nintendo Switch, five days ago (Oct. 19, 2016) and I can say I heard the collective scream of the Nintendo fandom that day. The trailer depicted multiple gamers playing the Switch and showing the versatility of the console. Each new gamer showed a different feature as well as prospective games that can be played. (SKYRIM WHAT?!) I look forward to being able to transport the console with me on road trips or flights without the hassle of Internet or cable connections. The item is independent in itself, as shown by Nintendo’s trailer.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 11.43.08 PM.png
Nintendo Switch has stolen my heart.

I was so excited about the console that I showed it to my whole family. My sister screamed in excitement and my boyfriend shook with the idea that Dark Souls could be played as well. I went to show this video to my mom, however, and she said she had already seen it and hated it.


My mother was the one who got me into Nintendo since the day I was born. As I’ve said in countless previous articles, she played Zelda while I was in her womb. These games and consoles shaped my childhood and created me, this person who has a blog solely based on their love for The Legend of Zelda and all things Nintendo. I have a tumblr blog dedicated to Zelda and my usernames across all social media is ZeldaandFairies. How could a woman who taught me this extreme passion for games tell me she hates the newest Nintendo console??

Her response:

Because then everyone will be looking at their screen when they’re outside. Look at that girl getting invited to a party and BRINGING THE GAME WITH HER!!

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Nintendo Switch making us Antisocial?

That response might make all millennials spin on their heads and I couldn’t help but squint at her as she walked away then, her eyes dutifully glued back to her phone. I had to laugh. My mom spends the majority of her time playing apps and scrolling through social media just like most of the U.S. population. (She claims she’d rather not, but she’s addicted just like the rest of us.) Our phones are our livelihood now and those screens are taken with us everywhere.

What is the difference now with the Switch?
The biggest difference?

The multiplayer component.

Bringing your Nintendo Switch to a party may seem antisocial for a moment, until the player removes its pieces and hands controllers to other party members. Suddenly it’s a new spark of conversation, a new experience for the whole room as they watch fun unfold and gather in front of that small screen together. This can allow even the most introspective gamer to join in on the fun.

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Nintendo Switch is hardly antisocial at all!

In my opinion, it’s not just about making money, for Nintendo. It’s about creating a lasting memory that feels like home whenever you revisit it. The Super Nintendo, N64, Gameboy, GameCube, DS, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS all manage to give me the same feeling no matter what’s going on in my life. It created a bond in my family deeper than I’ve ever seen in others (especially when we’re playing Sketch on Game and Wario). It’s comfort and it’s safe.

Though the screens of our phones are said to disconnect us, they are actually another means of communication. The same goes for the Nintendo Switch. No matter what the occasion, the Nintendo Switch can supply limitless opportunities to make friends and important memories. I’d encourage all, gamers and not, alike to try out this console with me.

Let’s go home.


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