With the release of Majoras Mask 3DS there comes a great time of exploration and wonder at what Nintendo had added to the fray.

In my first play through, I noted all the extra art added along the walls of Clock Town as well as each building inside. Lulu was more clearly portrayed in the Indigo-Gos poster and Mayor Dotour and his wife Madame Aroma have a stunning picture over the front lobby’s desk.


images.jpeg    The_Indigo-Go's_Poster.png


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Along with that, a miniature recreation of Clock Town also sits in the lobby. These additions in art created a more believable world for Majora’s Mask. But that’s not all they added. Some characters in Majora’s Mask were also given more development. There were some additions that worked, and others that were awkward.



Our favorite solder, Shiro, was moved! He was no longer on the atop the cliff over the Road to Ikana. Instead he now lay visibly out of sight in the Pirate’s Fortress.


Hey… Did you just call me?
That’s strange.
I could have sworn someone here just called to me-
Tatl when near Shiro’s spot.
(She also highlights blue at his location.)

His new story: he wanted to prove he was brave and could infiltrate the Pirate’s Fortress, becoming stuck once he did. He has been calling out for help ever since. Of course giving him a red potion will heal him and cause him to give you the Stone Mask. His existence is the same but his story and location are very different.



One of the most important instances was Gorman after it is revealed that his troupe will not be playing for the carnival. On the second day he is placed in a comatose state in the upstairs Stock Pot Inn. He was like this during Majora’s Mask 64, however, he was now seeking a fix.


In 3DS, his brothers had milk that would help cure his illness. Link must aid him by retrieving this milk and delivering it under a certain time frame. You will receive the bottle you brought for him as a gift.



Fishing Holes

The fishing holes, similar to the one from Ocarina of Time, has to be my favorite addition to the story! The underwater colorful scenery and fish that can be caught with different masks were exciting and I still find myself trying to walk in at the correct time to catch each fish. Fishing Hole Passes given to us instead of repeat masks or Rupees is a great way to keep the story and fun going.


Song of Double Time

Yes, Nintendo! You did this right! Being able to pick what time you’d like to soar to is so very helpful with progressing the story. No longer do I have to wait for the afternoon of the next day by putting down my controller or running senselessly around Clock Town. I don’t have to visit that dancing scarecrow or listen to Granny!

MM - Song of Double Time.jpg


Awkward Changes

Garo Mask


The Garo mask, which was once a hood that darkened the face and highlighted the eyes has now become the mask that the Garo Master wears.


Perhaps this was changed because the Garo spirits refer to us as Master though we wear the same mask as them. Was this a change to make the encounter make a bit more sense and provide a better look at the chain of command?

Boss Fights

Adding eyes to each fight was an interesting take. The fights lasted much longer than usual and added extra difficulty in each battle.


These eyes all bare a striking resemblance to Majora. Perhaps they did this to highlight the possession he had over each of these beings.


This new feature frustrated me to no end. To fight Twinmold in Majora’s Mask 64, you must receive the Giant’s Mask from near the boss room and then head in to battle them both at the same time. You hit each of their tails and one will die before the other. Once you kill the last twin the battle ends.

In Majora’s Mask 3DS, however, Link no longer obtains the mask outside the room. Instead he must defeat one of the twins with light arrows and they will drop the mask. Once you put it on, Link will not use his sword and must use his hands to fight the last monster. He will punch and throw it out of existence until it dies. This is frustrating and I found this new feature to be out of character for Link. twinmold__banner-auto-cropping.png


Most of these changes benefited the game play and immersion of Majora’s Mask 3DS and I’m sure all those who are new to the game will find that it has a smooth and understandable play through. However, for Majora’s Mask vets, these changes can prove to be discomforting.

What did you think about the changes to Majora’s Mask? Was there something important that I missed? Leave it in the comments below!


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D


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