Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask share countless characters in common. I wrote a theory about this being because Link is in a dream and you can find that here. However, in this case I want to explore a different idea.

I’ve seen theories for the two video games declaring that Kafei would be the hero of Majora’s Mask had Link not come around. Many believe that these characters directly correspond with each other and this is why there is no Kafei in Ocarina of Time, nor a different Link in Majora’s Mask. I don’t believe this is the case, however.

There is another character that I believe would foil with Kafei more directly.


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I don’t believe Sheik and Zelda are of the same consciousness. Though they share the same body, I believe Impa locked away Zelda’s mind and inserted a whole new being to efficiently hide the princess.

Sheik, though he is Zelda, does not have his own story in Ocarina of Time, meaning he was never a child. Impa never created that portion of Sheik, there was no need. This is where Kafei and Sheik may be able to complete one another. Though Sheik is never a child, we meet Kafei as one. Kafei will never be a man as long as Link knows him.

On top of this, they share a characteristic: they’re red eyes. Sheik’s eyes are supposed to be of the Sheikah but Kafei’s are never explained. Would Kafei be considered a Sheikah in this universe?

One arbitrary comparison is also in their names. ShEIk and KafEI.

Team Work.

Both these characters were met in pivotal moments of Link’s life and they help him to advance the plot. Sheik is Link’s companion throughout the second arc of Ocarina of time. He is always in the shadows aiding Link, though he is never seen doing so (unless reading the Manga where they are constantly pulling each other out of rough moments).

Kafei and Link, as they traveled through Sakon’s hideout, constantly switch perspectives depending on who is taking action next. One cannot proceed without the other and if one fails they are unable to continue that plotline. They both must succeed if Kafei is ever to return to Anju.

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The Promise.

Zelda, once she was a child again, told Link she believed they would see each other again once his mission was done. Kafei made a similar promise to Anju with his mask saying he would return to her. Coming back to the people they loved is incredibly important to the both of them.

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Sheik and Kafei can be seen as foils to one another. Though I agree with the theory Link and Kafei are the same person in different universes, I feel as though this theory can have the same amount of truth to it.


Which theory do you believe? Leave your opinion in the comments below!


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