There are many moments in time that suggest that Saria and the Skull Kid are actually the same person. They have similar characteristics in personality and in their friendship with Link and fairies.

Here’s my theory:

After the Sacred Realm,  it is possible the Saria may have gotten lost in the forest. As many of the Kokiri will tell you, if you become lost in the forest you will become a Stalchild. What if this happened to her and she began to lurk in the forest, unaware of her true identity?

The story would continue as Skull Kid. When he lost the Four Giants as friends he found two fairies! Tatl and Tael may have reminded him of the fairies he lost as Saria. Saria may have gained a complex about losing her friends when Link left her behind causing her to be very unhappy.
We find him in the woods with these two fairies and they steal Link’s Ocarina the first moment they met. Perhaps, subconsciously, Skull Kid was looking for the one Saria had given Link so long ago and grew angry when he realized it had been replaced by the Ocarina of Time.
This jealousy is the center of many plot lines in Majora’s Mask. Skull Kid would stop at nothing to get his friends to play with him and when they stopped he hurt them. It couldn’t be wrong to believe he’d do the same if a special memento was replaced.

A drawing could be found near Southern Swamp in Termina made by Skull Kid and his friends. When you walk close enough to it a cut scene of the Skull Kid hiding under a log with the fairies is seen. That was the beginning of their friendship. Saria, being a kokiri, already had a love towards fairies and its possible that this is what made their bond so strong.

They even danced to Saria’s Song when the weather cleared up! They drew a picture to remember those times.

This bears a striking resemblance to Link’s picture from Ocarina of Time! Perhaps he and Saria drew this together? They are both tied to the destiny of fighting Ganondorf after all.

We also can’t forget about the ending. The art on the tree stump of Link and Skull Kid as best friends forever. Saria’s Song plays at the very end of the game during that scene, as well!

Once Skull Kid returns to his former self, he meets Link and says: “You have the same smell as that Fairy Kid who taught me that song in the woods.” Could he have forgotten that it was actually Saria that taught it to Link? That it was HIS song?
Guru-Guru seemed to have that same problem.

Could they be the same person or is this a bit of a stretch? Leave a comment below!

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